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Why Renting Could Be Better Than Putting a Commercial Property for Sale

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commercial property for salePutting a commercial property for sale and actually making that transaction sure has its benefits. The returns are promising and it has been a proven real estate move. But it also isn’t fool proof. It’s not the best option on all occasions and there will be times when renting or leasing them out would prove more beneficial than otherwise. But why and when?

    • It retains ownership. Selling transfers it. Renting out means lending the use of the space for an agreed upon period in exchange for a sum. That alone tells us that owners retain the titles to the assets and they can do with it whatever they wish to which brings us to our next point.
    • It keeps control. Should you wish to, you can later on sell the commercial property or use it yourself. Tenants will be allowed its use but it comes with limits as written and signed into the contract. For instance, any changes or renovations to the property must be within the meets and bounds of the tenant-landlord agreement and contract otherwise the breach will constitute to damages.
    • It allows tax savings. On some instances and depending on the legislations that apply to each town, city and country, owners get to enjoy some tax credits and deductions from leasing out as compared to selling the property in one go.

  • It provides a long term income stream. Perhaps the most obvious of benefits, renting out instead of putting a commercial property for sale provides an added and long term income source which can last for years on end as long as the asset still stands and functionality is preserved.
  • It can pay for its mortgage. The rent income received can be used to pay for any mortgages or loans taken by the owner in their acquisition of the commercial asset. This is of course given the premise that the rental rate is enough to cover all the costs and the mortgage together.
  • It allows you to earn from property value growth. When putting a commercial property for sale, any amount of appreciation after that shall belong to and be enjoyed by its new owners. But not when you are merely renting it out. You get to capitalize on the additional value that grows over time which can also be translated into an increase in rental rates and therefore income.

8 Things to Never Do at Property Auctions

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property-auctionKnown as an accelerated marketing and competitive bidding process that involves a public sale of real estate assets, property auctions have long been a favorite avenue amongst investors and even sellers.

But as someone who wishes to bid and score a great deal, there are a number of things that one should never do at one of these property auctions. Care to find out what they are? Read on.

  1. Never come unprepared. Know everything you can about the auction from the organizers to the procedures to the location to the assets being held up for sale. Research is crucial and it can spell either the success or demise of your game.
  2. Never forget to prearrange one’s financing. Before participating to bid, be sure that you have the resources necessary to complete the transaction should you be awarded as the winning bidder. In most auctions, a security deposit will be asked of participants and a winning bidder will be required to pay upfront costs with the remainder to be paid depending on the terms set by the selling party. Failure to do so will strip you of the chance so be sure that your finances are ready and accessible.
  3. Never overlook inspections. Chances are, you’ll get a brochure or newsletter prior to the bidding day. That or you can look things up on a website. It’s a must because this is part of preparation. One has to peruse the available properties to better gauge which ones would fit your needs. That and you’ll need to pay it a visit much like an open house and get in surveyed by a professional.
  4. Never overspend. It’s a no-brainer but a lot of people still commit the crime of going beyond their budget. Prior to the auction, make it a point to set a bar and stick to it no matter what. Never let emotions ride over your senses because this is still business regardless if you are purchasing for personal or commercial use.
  5. Never be too transparent. When attending property auctions, make it a point to keep your cards as close to your chest as possible. Don’t be too obvious or even chatty to both co-bidders and sellers about your plans, which assets you like and how much you are willing to spend on them. That information might be used against you.

Commercial Property for Sale: When to Buy and When to Skip

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commercial propertyAs investors, it is important to always stay on top of your game. One has to be quick enough but wise at the same time. There is a certain talent and skill for it in order to truly succeed matched with a tinge of courage and an ounce of luck. To help you bring your game up a notch, we’ve listed down tips to help you assess whether to buy or skip a commercial property for sale. Take a look!

BUY it when… the location is convenient.

Business has to be conveniently located and since a commercial property is used for such purposes then the rule applies. Convenience comes in many forms too, transportation being one. The asset has to be situated in such a way that going to and from it is easy and fuss free.

SKIP it when… it’s out of your budget.

Investors need to gauge how much they can afford otherwise going beyond limits will result to consequences that are too cringe-worthy, foreclosure being one.

BUY it when… there is heavy foot traffic.

Foot traffic refers to the bulk of people that pass by a particular area or establishment and is composed of the general public, regular customers, and potential clients. The higher the level then the better because it means that the area caters to a bigger market exposure.

SKIP it when… safety and security is compromised.

A very important aspect to remember when searching for commercial properties for sale is its safety and security. This includes not only the structure’s features but also that of the neighborhood where it has been situated in. Every entrepreneur wants to safeguard their assets so this comes as no surprise.

BUY it when… significant establishments lay near.

The proximity of various establishments and structures to the commercial property plays an important role not only in terms of convenience and foot traffic but also in terms of appreciation. Given the factors mentioned, the asset has a huge chance of increasing in value which of course translates to a return in one’s investment.

SKIP it when… there is no market for it.

It would be particularly silly to invest in a commercial property for sale if its features and characteristics make it at the lowest of lows in terms of market and demand. Not only will rental vacations be common but buyer turn outs can be severely sour as well.

Fast Facts on Property Auctions

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You may have already heard about property auctions but never really got to know about it. Well this is your lucky day as we are about to give you these fast facts to help you understand how it works, what you can get form it and whether it’s something for you to try. Are you ready? Let’s go!

What is it?

A property auction was designed as a form of intense and accelerated real estate marketing method that involves the sale of any property — residential, commercial and industrial — through open cry competitive bidding. In other words, interested buyers bid against one another for the assets, each of which are sold to the person offering the highest price. You can check out for properties that are on the market.

How come people flock it?

What makes property auctions very appealing is the fact that buyers and investors can potentially purchase an asset for far less than its supposed sales price or market value should it otherwise be sold in the regular means or platform. (The reasons for this will be explained in the next part of this article.) Of course, it is still important to take note of how certain assets are priced and valued as well as ample research because sellers will still want to garner as much profits as they could. You need to know your limits and when to bid up or forego.

Why do properties end up in an auction?

There are many reasons as to why a certain real estate asset ends up in an auction. One is when the previous owner failed to pay their mortgage for several months leading to a foreclosure. The financial provider then puts it up for bidding to recover as much resources to cover its losses from the borrower’s failure to comply with their credit.

Another is when a cerproperty-auctiontain property’s owner does not pay taxes or has become delinquent in state or local income taxes. Instead of the bank or a similar financial provider, the unpaid tax authority or government arm will seize the asset and put it up for bidding.

Bur foreclosures aren’t the only sources of the items you see in property auctions. Marketers, agents, investors and owners also put it up in order to widen their market reach. This is especially true when the economy has gone sour or demand for the asset is not as good. They take advantage of people who would want to take advantage of auctions.


How to Choose a Mode of Financing for Your UK Property Investment

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When you’re planning to make a UK property investment, one of your most crucial tasks will involve the choice of financing. Of course, you will have to come up with the funds to make your purchase possible. These assets do not come for free. In fact, they do not come cheap either.

There are many types of financing being offered in the market when it comes to property investments and it is important to avoid impulsively choosing one without putting much thought into it. At the end of the day, you want something that will help you in the acquisition and not give you a burden. How do you do that? Treat yourself to the following tips.

  1. Acknowledge all your options.

Make a list of all the options available for you to choose from. Alongside each one, do write down their pros and cons alongside their uses, terms and costs. This shall make it easier for you to compare and contrast each item and make your decision easier and more apt. Getting to know your alternatives is crucial in coming up with a final choice.

  1. Know your limitations.

Not everything will be suitable. As a borrower, you have your limitations. This pertains not only to the amount that you wish to acquire but also in terms of the financial provider. For example, a lack of adequate equity and a poor credit standing will dampen your chances when applying for a mortgage at a particular firm. By acknowledging your limits, you can better align your expectations and actions.

  1. What property are you planning to invest in?

Of course, varying types of properties alongside various factors and their characteristics will affect price. This makes it important to determine the exact type and features of the UK property that you wish to invest in.

  1. UK-Property-InvestmentDetermine the immediacy of your need.

How fast do you need the funds to be made available? Different options as well as varying providers or lenders will have diverse timetables when it comes to the application process, approval and release of cash. By determining how immediate your need is, you can choose an option that will be most suitable to your requirements.

  1. How long do you plan to take it out?

Do you need a short term or a long term financing for your UK property investment? Each one is used for different cases and obviously has diverse terms and costs. It is necessary for you to know because you have to match the financing with your needs and limitations otherwise everything can go berserk.

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Signs of Poor Commercial Properties for Sale

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properties-for-saleWhen buying and looking into commercial properties for sale, one should not only look at the factors that make an asset tick. You should also be aware of those signs that scream “do not buy this” so that you can do your best to stir clear of them. You do not want to invest your money in the wrong assets, do you? To help you regarding this matter, we’ve come up with the following signs of poor commercial properties for sale. Get to know what these are and better stir clear.

Sign # 1: High Ongoing Costs

Repairs and maintenance are a given in every property bought. They are a necessary expense and must therefore be attended if the asset is to e kept running and functional. If the commercial asset you are looking at has a high amount of ongoing costs then you might want to reconsider because it can spell huge long term costs in the future.

Sign # 2: Messy and Untidy 

You would also expect previous owners to keep the place maintained, cleaned and tidied up. If you see peeling paint everywhere, a leaf covered lawn, tall untrimmed grass, leaky pipes and the like then you better look somewhere else. The place may not be as functional as the sellers say it is.

Sign # 3: Absence of Security Features

Commercial space must always have security features in them especially when we talk about buildings and offices. There has to be ample fire exits and enough ventilation among others. Repairs and improvements can always be done by you but their complete absence upon purchase can be pretty expensive and shows a lack of proper maintenance and planning in the construction.

Sign # 4: The Numbers Do not Make Sense

Properties are priced according to a combination of factors. If a certain offer seems too good to be true then be prepared to keep your flags up. If the numbers do not make sense and tie up to the actual market value, you should scrutinize more to avoid regrets later.

Sign # 5: A Bad Neighborhood

Commercial properties for sale bank on location among others. A good spot is one of the best ingredients to business success. If you happen to be looking at a property at a bad neighborhood with high crime rates, poor economy, low security and safety and low market reach then you better look the other way and search for something else.

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Property Auction Tricks from the Pros

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property-auctionsA property auction is one of the first things that come to mind when individuals and businesses would want to invest in or purchase a property either for personal use or business purposes. And we don’t see why not.

Just like any other auction, it is a course of trading assets by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. The charm of this method of acquiring properties lies in the cost savings. It is possible to score a property at a price far lesser than its current market value here.

Many assets being sold in such auctions are products of bank foreclosures. Some sellers also engage in it due to a poor market so it is their best option to try to decrease losses. This is why these sellers are more willing and likely to accept an offer even if the price does not equal to or exceed market values. This is beneficial on the part of buyers like you. It gives you an opportunity to get a great property at a much lower cost.

Of course, these property auctions are not for everyone. It certainly is not for the faint hearted either. You need to be both knowledgeable and skillful in order to strike a good deal. To help you with that, we’ve compiles some expert tricks that can help you.

First, be knowledgeable about market prices. Just because you’re in an auction doesn’t mean that sellers won’t try to raise the sales price. They will if given the opportunity. After all, they are still aiming for profits. This makes it all the more important for you to research on the actual prices of certain properties in the market. Be aware of their characteristics and what drives their values up and down.

Keep your cards as close to your chest as possible. Do not let anyone especially the sellers and agents know how much you are willing to spend on an asset held up for grabs. If you do let them in on it, they are likely to increase their minimal asking price to equal your maximum spending capacity.

See to it that your finances are kept in check. In a property auction, certain agreements and procedures will have to be laid down. For example, if you cannot provide for the payment being asked of you, the asset will be given to the next highest bidder. You cannot simply bid and then not mean it.

How to Jazz Up Your UK Property Investment Without Breaking the Bank

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uk propertiesIn this day and age, we all have to be smart when it comes to our spending. One cannot simply buy without thinking things over or else suffer the financial consequences. That holds true for every single purchase we make including those that we spend for both repair and design on our UK property investment. But in what ways can you achieve that without tearing your wallet apart or breaking the bank? Below is a list of simple and effective ideas for you to try!

Idea # 1 – Add some zest with plants. A fresh vase of flowers can instantly brighten up any room and add a splash of unexpected color and detail. However, if regularly buying blooms isn’t your thing then you can opt for easy to maintain indoor foliage like succulents and air plants.

Idea # 2 – Paint your walls. A fresh coat always brings in freshness and neatness to your space. To make a room bigger than it actually is, make use of light hues such as white and beige. For some fun twist, paint one side of the room with a bold color or try a pattern with the help of stencils.

Idea # 3 – Pay your thrift store a visit. Try the flea market too! It can pretty much be a hit or miss. You can leave bearing treasures or empty handed. Either way it is worth a try. You never know what you are bound to find. You might just be able to pick up the perfect little accessories to your place.

Idea # 4 – Try some nifty DIY projects. Bring out your creativity and inner Martha Stewart! Recycle and repurpose some of your old stuff or upgrade the finds you got from the thrift store. Handmade is actually quite fun especially when you do it as a team.

Idea # 5 – Get lovely curtains and drapes. These may seem to be very simple details but they can add a whole lot of drama and change up the ambiance of any room. Play not only with colors and patterns but with lengths and textures as well.

Idea # 6 – Throw in some pillows and rugs. If you feel that the colors in your room are a little mismatched or maybe even dull, add some color coordination with the help of pillows and rugs! Choose from varying designs, textures, hues and shapes.

Idea # 7 – Provide ample lighting.  This not only heightens the functionality of your UK property investment but it can also add some dimension and feel. You can purchase various light fixtures or simply play up your window installations.

Commercial Investment Property: How Looks Affect the Business

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The look and overall image of businesses has been part of the branding strategy for a long time now. Even things as simple as a corporate logo can mean a lot. The same holds true for the company’s commercial investment property or several thereof that will be used for operational and retail purposes. It affects how the business is perceived and seen not only by its customers and vendors but also by its own investors, employers and the general public as well. This makes it a must to ensure that the overall design and interiors of every commercial asset is done right not only for aesthetic but also for functional means. We’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to share to all of you.

commercial interiorsKEEP IT SPACIOUS. – Avoid cramping up the area because it will reduce mobility. In the office for example, it can lead to a lot of accidents and mishaps. It will also likely strangle your employees into their cubicles, tables and offices making them get up more. This is bad in a way because sitting down for the whole day can be detrimental to employee health and at the same time it keeps them from brainstorming and sharing ideas with the team. No teamwork equals bad output. At the same time, to customers and investors, space pertains to fluidity and movement of operations.

WORK ON ORGANIZATION. – Incorporate pieces that are functional in terms of organizing and systematizing files, documents and other office and store items. If you are talking about a clothing boutique for example, it allows better exposure of your products to clients. It also makes their search easier. In the back end, a neat and organized office always leads to faster and better work. You can kiss lost files and mess goodbye! Plus, neatness and orderliness is a trait of a company who’s got their thing going.

INTERIORS AND COLOURS MATTER. – Did you know that the right ambiance and interiors can create various effects to people? A well lit office for example with strategic brainstorming areas where desks and chairs congregate encourages team work and idea building within employees. A red, orange and yellow themed restaurant helps encourage and promote appetite. A dimly lit store however creates a mood that makes shoppers feel relaxed and comfortable encouraging them to stay longer and hopefully buy more.

You see depending on what the company’s commercial investment property is for, you will have to prep it up for the right type of interiors to create and encourage action that is appropriate for it.