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Signs of Poor Commercial Properties for Sale

Posted on by adminsep1607

properties-for-saleWhen buying and looking into commercial properties for sale, one should not only look at the factors that make an asset tick. You should also be aware of those signs that scream “do not buy this” so that you can do your best to stir clear of them. You do not want to invest your money in the wrong assets, do you? To help you regarding this matter, we’ve come up with the following signs of poor commercial properties for sale. Get to know what these are and better stir clear.

Sign # 1: High Ongoing Costs

Repairs and maintenance are a given in every property bought. They are a necessary expense and must therefore be attended if the asset is to e kept running and functional. If the commercial asset you are looking at has a high amount of ongoing costs then you might want to reconsider because it can spell huge long term costs in the future.

Sign # 2: Messy and Untidy 

You would also expect previous owners to keep the place maintained, cleaned and tidied up. If you see peeling paint everywhere, a leaf covered lawn, tall untrimmed grass, leaky pipes and the like then you better look somewhere else. The place may not be as functional as the sellers say it is.

Sign # 3: Absence of Security Features

Commercial space must always have security features in them especially when we talk about buildings and offices. There has to be ample fire exits and enough ventilation among others. Repairs and improvements can always be done by you but their complete absence upon purchase can be pretty expensive and shows a lack of proper maintenance and planning in the construction.

Sign # 4: The Numbers Do not Make Sense

Properties are priced according to a combination of factors. If a certain offer seems too good to be true then be prepared to keep your flags up. If the numbers do not make sense and tie up to the actual market value, you should scrutinize more to avoid regrets later.

Sign # 5: A Bad Neighborhood

Commercial properties for sale bank on location among others. A good spot is one of the best ingredients to business success. If you happen to be looking at a property at a bad neighborhood with high crime rates, poor economy, low security and safety and low market reach then you better look the other way and search for something else.

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